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We design and manufacture 100% customized handlebar extensions (Aerobars), made in aero grade carbon fibre. As a company dedicated to Aeronautics, our materials (carbon fibre and resin epoxy) are certified for main Aerospace OEMs.

From Amateur to PRO triathletes and World Tour Cyclist, our customers are experiencing the aerodynamics and ergonomic benefits of our Aerobars.

After years of developments and tens of protypes tested by our Test Team, we got a full support for your forearm, and as consequence a relaxed position for your wrists, so you only have to concentrate on applying power to your pedals while it will be much easier to stay in an aerodynamic position.

Additionally, the aerodynamic design of the section profile of our Aerobars has demonstrated in closed velodrome multiple tests an improvement between 5 and 15w at 50 km/h speed.


Each aerobar is specifically designed for each 


With some basic measurements provided by the customer and if desired, with any modification in reach, stack, grip, angles, lateral flange height, GPS device position, etc.. . we design a 3D model. 

It is also possible, not necessary, to scan your handlebar if more accuracy is required. 

The design can be UCI compliant with new 2023 UCI rules. Our Aerobars are approved by UCI and we have experience with a UCI PRO Tour cycling Team. 

Depending on you Category Rider, we can maximize with accuracy, the possibilities that the UCI rules provide.

Additionally , they can also be triathlon oriented, and take advantage of the freedom of design that triathletes have.

As summary, in both cases you can choose your arm width, inclination, length, elbow support height… Whatever you want, and without any limits for triathlon. 

Stiffness and Strength

As a Aerospace Engineering company, we pay special attention to the optimization of the carbon fibres to get the maximum resistance and stiffness with the minimum weight. 

Our geometry and carbon fibre laminates have been optimized by Element Finite Models, where we have more than 25 years of experience working for Aerospace.

Moreover, our prototypes have been mechanically tested under more than 5 times the required load by EN14781:2005 applicable Standard.

Last but not least, we have performed fatigue test applying the maximum required static load…100.000 times.

Examples of customers

Used by Triathlon World Champions and Pro Cycling teams.




As each aerobar is a different project, each aerobar has a different cost. Please, ask us for quotation or any information required writing an e-mail to d.calderon@idec.aero.

Starting price: 1100€

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